When dusk falls on the river

When dusk falls on the river


‘When dusk falls on the river’ 2017, oil on linen, 50x40cm

This recent oil painting on a linen canvas, is part of a recent series of work based on the River Thames. It has been created by the layered application of oil paint and a subdued palette, to create the atmosphere of dusk. In this series of work, I have sought to capture the various moods of the river, in its ebb and flow and in it’s various forms. The paintings are based on sketches and photographs taken on walks along the river but developed and changed throughout the painting process.

The River Thames series of paintings is an on going series of work, which runs through the heart of my practice. I hope to continue painting this series throughout 2018.

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Author Description

Ruma was born in India but lives in London. Ruma is based at the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green, North London. She is primarily an oil painter but also produces works in various mediums including mixed media, collages, water colours and photographs.

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